Frequently Asked Questions

Is Big League Chew gluten free?

Yes, all Big League Chew products are gluten free!


Is Big League Chew safe for consumers with nut allergies?

Yes, there are no nuts in Big League Chew.


Is sugar-free Big League Chew available?

We do not currently make or plan to produce sugar-free Big League Chew.


Why does Big League Chew contain aspartame?

Aspartame was added to Big League Chew when it was manufactured by Wrigley in the 1980s. Consumers requested longer-lasting flavor, so aspartame was added to extend the flavor/sweetness.

Ford Gum assumed the rights to manufacture and distribute Big League Chew, and continued with the original ingredients that consumers have loved.


Will Big League Chew sponsor myself, my recreational baseball/softball team, or my league?

Unfortunately, Big League Chew is not able to partner with individuals, teams, or leagues at this time.


Contact Big League Chew

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